Industry Track


The Industry Track, introduced for the first time at ECCV 2022, aims to complement the scientific program with a series of talks and activities that highlight the applied nature and wide impact of computer vision technology.

The ECCV 2022 Industry Track will run in parallel to the scientific tracks during Wednesday, October 26th and will comprise a series of invited talks and panel discussions on entrepreneurship, and crossing boundaries between computer vision research and its real world applications. Among the speakers are founders and CEOs of companies spun off from their own research, as well as investors and other experts in the field. The industry track aims to highlight entrepreneurship experiences in our community and put together a set of informative talks and panels.

Morning Session: 11:05 – 13:00, Hall E
11:05 Opening Remarks
11:10 Life Has Given You Lemon..

The Story of 6over6 Bringing Vision to the People

Dr. Ofer Limon
11:30 From Passion to Action –
How to Design and Launch Your Successful Startup
Dr. Yossi Maaravi
11:55 Startup Acceleration Panel Hosted by Dr. Yair Adato
12:40 From PhD to CEO Dr. Yonatan Geifman
Afternoon Session: 15:45 – 16:45, Hall KLM (2nd floor)
15:45 The Unique Risks and Opportunities of Academic Startups Prof. Michael Black
16:15 Computer-Vision Enabled Autonomous Stores –
From a Concept to Large-Scale Implementation.
Mr. Daniel Gabay


Program Overview


Dr. Ofer Limon – Head of Technology and Product at Luna, formerly CEO at 6over6
Life Has Given You Lemon: The Story of 6over6 Bringing Vision to the People

Many of the greatest inventions were born from personal pain the inventor endured. As a 6-year old specky boy with thick glasses, I grew up to fall in love with light and optics. I journeyed through winding roads in my pursuit – to fold the entire optometry discipline into the mobile phone and bring vision to the people. Minus nine diopters, one Pentax camera, a Ph.D. in Electro-Optics, and a pair of bicycles are just a few bookmarks in the entrepreneurial story of 6over6. Initiated in the backyard of an optical lab by Ph.D. engineers, the first mobile eye exam was brought to the world. The company exited at more than $100M and paved the way to an entire new mobile-health category in the market.


Dr. Yossi Maaravi – Dean, Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Reichman University
From Passion to Action – How to Design and Launch Your Successful Startup

While some consider entrepreneurial ability to be born rather than bred, numerous skills and tools can actually be learned, practiced, and refined. Many of these skills can prevent fatal errors made by first-time entrepreneurs. This lecture covers the essential components of the entrepreneurial toolbox and mindset needed to make the first steps from passion to action. It is based on research, practice, and decades of experience in entrepreneurial education at Reichman University.


Panel: A Little Help for Going the Distance – How Can the Ecosystem Help Turn Your Idea Into a Startup? Hosted by Yair Adato – CEO @ Bria 

You will need all the help you can get once you have decided to jump in the water with a new startup. In this panel, we will discuss the contribution of acceleration programs, angels and early-stage VCs in the beginning of the company’s development process. We will try to answer questions like: What are the factors to consider when choosing an accelerator? How do acceleration programs differ? How can angels, VC partners and the accelerator mentors help founders in the critical first phase of the startup.

List of participants:

Stav Erez – Partner @ Labs02 (OurCrowd)

Itamar Friedman – CEO @ Stealth

Adi Gozes – Partner @ Entrée Capital

Eric Landau – CEO @ Encord

Alon Leibovich – Managing Director @ Intel Ignite


Dr. Yonatan Geifman – CEO, Deci.Ai – From PhD to CEO

Join Yonatan Geifman as he shares his journey from his time as a PhD student to founding and leading a startup. He will offer key insights about the first steps in transforming academic research into a viable business and address the challenges of fundraising and team building. Yonatan will also discuss the differences between research in academia and the industry and share tips from his personal transformation from PhD to CEO.


Prof. Michael Black – Director, Max Planck institute for Intelligent Systems
The Unique Risks and Opportunities of Academic Startups
You’ve written a great ECCV/CVPR/ICCV paper. You’ve got a demo. Everyone on Twitter loves it. So you think it would make a great startup. How do you get from here to there? In this informal talk, I’ll discuss my experiences spinning off academic research with Body Labs and Meshcapade. I’ve been through the full lifecycle from academic research, to starting a company, to acquisition by Amazon, to developing products at a big company. I make the case that academic spin-offs have unique challenges and opportunities. I’ll try to explain how to make the most of academia as a non-diluting investment that helps you survive the valley of death. I’ll try to make this as interactive as the forum allows. 


Mr. Daniel Gabay – CTO, Trigo – Computer-vision enabled autonomous stores – from a technological concept to large-scale implementation.

Recent advancements in deep learning models and edge computing have enabled new inventions that create a frictionless shopping experience for customers while redefining the retail business model for brick-and-mortar stores. In this session, Daniel Gabay, co-founder and CTO of Trigo, will dive into key entrepreneurial milestones on how to build a company from a technological concept all the way up to a scalable commercial product. The talk will focus on the challenges of bringing bleeding-edge technology into real-world applications, with thousands of constantly changing items, endless permutations of human interactions, and dynamic environmental conditions. We’ll also discuss the different stages and implementations in the journey from an idea to production.


The organisers would like to extend their gratitude to TandemLaunch for their assistance.


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