Workshop Schedule

ID Workshop Hybrid/online Full-day/Half-day Website
5 2nd Workshop on AI for Space (AI4Space) Hybrid Full-day
8 The 2nd Challenge on Large-Scale Point Clouds Analysis for Urban Scenes Understanding Online Half-day
11 TiE: Workshop on Text in Everything Hybrid Full-day
14 International Workshop on Distributed Smart Cameras Online Full-day
18 Vision for Art (VISART) VI Workshop Hybrid Full-day
19 ISIC Workshop on Skin Image Analysis Online Half-day
22 Second Workshop on Learning with Limited and Imperfect Data (L2ID) Online Full-day
25 AI for Creative Video Editing and Understanding Online Half-day
26 SAIAD – Safe Artificial Intelligence for Automated Driving Hybrid Full-day
29 Self-Supervised Learning: What is Next? Hybrid Full-day
31 Workshop on Vision with Biased or Scarce Data (VBSD) 2022 Online Half-day
34 4th Workshop and Competition on Affective Behavior Analysis in-the-wild Online Half-day
35 3rd Workshop on Adversarial Robustness In the Real World Hybrid Full-day
36 Map-Based Localization for Autonomous Driving Hybrid Full-day
39 The 2nd Causality in Vision Workshop Online Full-day
40 AV4D: Visual Learning of Sounds in Spaces Hybrid Full-day
42 1st Challenge on Mobile Intelligent Photography and Imaging (MIPI) Online Full-day
44 Instance-Level Recognition workshop Hybrid Half-day
45 Computer Vision for Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Hybrid Full-day
46 Real-World Surveillance: Applications and Challenges Hybrid Full-day
49 International Challenge on Compositional and Multimodal Perception Hybrid Half-day
51 Visual object tracking challenge VOT 2022 Hybrid Half-day
52 Computational Aspects of Deep Learning Hybrid Half-day
53 3rd Visual Inductive Priors for Data-Efficient Deep Learning Workshop Hybrid Half-day
55 1st Challenge on Machine Visual Common Sense: Perception, Prediction, Planning Hybrid Full-day
56 What Is Motion for? Hybrid Full-day
57 BioImage Computing Hybrid Full-day
61 4th Workshop on Learning to Generate 3D Shapes and Scenes Online Half-day
62 3rd Workshop on Visual Perception for Navigation in Human Environments: The JackRabbot Human Body Pose Dataset and Benchmark Hybrid Half-day
63 DeeperAction: Detailed Video Action Understanding and Anomaly Recognition Online Half-day
67 3D Perception for Autonomous Driving Hybrid Full-day
68 Second Workshop on Responsible Computer Vision Hybrid Full-day
69 Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics Online Half-day
70 Robust Vision Challenge 2022 Hybrid Full-day
71 The 2nd Workshop on Sketching for Human Expressivity Online Half-day
72 In-vehicle sensing and monitorization Online Full-day
73 Cross-modal Human-robot Interaction (2nd) Online Half-day
74 Second International Ego4D Workshop at ECCV 2022 Hybrid Full-day
75 CoPe: Designing and evaluating Computer Perception systems Online Full-day
77 Uncertainty Quantification for Computer Vision Hybrid Half-day
81 Frontiers of Monocular 3D Perception: Implicit x Explicit Hybrid Half-day
85 LatinX in CV Workshop Online Full-day
86 Drawings and Abstract Imagery: Representation and Analysis Hybrid Full-day
87 Neural Geometry and Rendering: Advances and the Common Objects in 3D Challenge Hybrid Full-day
89 Recovering 6D Object Pose Workshop Online Half-day
90 Visual Object-oriented Learning meets Interaction: Discovery, Representations, and Applications Online Full-day
91 Observing and Understanding Hands in Action Hybrid Half-day
92 2nd Workshop on Language for 3D Scenes Online Half-day
94 Computer Vision for Metaverse Workshop Hybrid Full-day
95 Holistic Structures for 3D Vision Hybrid Half-day
98 Computer Vision in the Wild Online Full-day
99 Multiple Object Tracking in Complex Environments Online Half-day
100 Data Efficiency and Generalizability in Agricultural Computer Vision Online Half-day
102 Medical Computer Vision Workshop Hybrid Full-day
103 Advances in Image Manipulation Workshop and Challenges Online Full-day
12+27 Advanced Autonomous Driving Workshop Hybrid Full-day
76+88 AI-enabled Medical Image Analysis: Digital Pathology & Radiology/COVID19 Online Full-day
65+80 1st International Workshop and Challenge on People Analysis: From Face, Body and Fashion to 3D Virtual Avatars (WCPA) Online Half-day
10 The 4th Workshop on Sensing, Understanding and Synthesizing Humans Online Half-day
59+79 Human body, hands, and activities from egocentric and multi-view cameras Hybrid Half-day
32+48 sign language understanding Online Full-day
64 A Challenge for Out-of-Distribution Generalization in Computer Vision Hybrid Full-day