ECCV 2022 is planned to be held in Tel-Aviv on Oct. 23-27 2022. Decision on physical vs. hybrid vs. virtual event will be made at a later stage.

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Joint General and Program chairs statement about the invasion of Ukraine

We stand united with the proud and democratic nation of Ukraine. Like most of the world, we regard Putin’s violent invasion of Ukraine as unjustifiable, and unworthy of a 21st Century civilization. Individually, we have contributed to humanitarian aid groups (e.g. UNICEF’s and the Red Cross’s Ukrainian crisis appeals), and call especially on government bodies to act decisively to protect Ukrainian lives and independence. To those affected personally by this war, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.

In terms of the ECCV timeline, we have decided to stay on track, with no extensions or adjustments. Unfortunately, members of our global computer vision community have suffered through a pandemic, several wars, and other tragedies in our 30 year history. In defiance to these obstacles and aggressors, we’ve sought to unflinchingly keep science moving forward.

Those of you in a position to do so, will drive on, through inventiveness, wonder, rigor, and joy, to create and share vision’s greatest discoveries.

Slava Ukraini!
– From the Chairs of ECCV 2022


05/04 – The ECCV’22 Workshop list has been published. Check it out on the program page.
04/07 – Unfortunately, due to COVID’s impact on the program chairs team, ECCV’22 was delayed in preparing reviewer assignments. We regret this tardiness. We are working hard to complete all assignments and release them to reviewers as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience.
03/16 – We received reports of some servers filtering emails from CMT as spam causing authors, reviewers, and area chairs to miss important communications. We urge you to please regularly check your Spam and Trash folders to prevent missing emails that may have critical implications on your submission or role.
03/05 – We heard reports of a citation block overflow issue with the ECCV submission template: Citation blocks in square brackets sometimes overflow onto the margins instead of wrapping to the next line. This seems to be an old issue with the template and there may be different ways of solving it. One simple fix is adding the instruction “\sloppy” to the LaTeX preamble. Note that this solution is offered for the review version; camera ready may require removal of this instruction.
03/03 – Reviewers invitations for ECCV 2022 are being sent. We advise reviewers to check their spam folders to avoid missing the invitation.
02/23 – ECCV 2022 Submission site is open: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/ECCV2022
02/16 – Important ECCV’22 dates, including submission deadlines and review process steps for authors, reviewers and ACs are all available on the new ECCV’22 Google calendar (or if you do not have a Google account, you can download the iCal (ICS) file and manually add it to your calendar). The Program Chairs hope this calendar will provide more visibility on the review process as well as simplify time zone conversions.
02/12 – ECCV 2022 tutorials call has been published here.
01/29 – The ECCV 2022 call for papers has been updated, adding explicit guidance on when the embargo starts. See the “Publicity, social media, embargo policy” section on the call for papers page.
01/25 – The ECCV 2022 call for papers page has been published, with submission guidelines and paper template.
12/25 – ECCV 2022 workshop call for proposals has been published here. The call for tutorials will be on-line soon.
12/13 – ECCV 2022 paper submission deadline will be March 7, 2022. Important dates