Rebuttal Guidelines

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  • Rebuttal template: The guidelines for author response can be downloaded from this link.
  • CMT link:

Rebuttal Instructions

1) Authors should see at least three reviews of their papers. A few lucky authors have more – this is a result of how the ECCV emergency review process works and does not imply anything in particular about your paper. Only a handful of submissions still have two reviews at the time this was written. To see your reviews, log in at

2) You have about a week to write and upload rebuttals. Rebuttals should be formatted consistently with the provided template, and fit on a single page of PDF (we use CVPR two-column format for rebuttal only, to allow more space for responses). Area chairs are free to ignore the rebuttals of authors who use smaller fonts, tiny margins, etc. to jam material on the page or deviate from the template in any other way. The template itself has detailed formatting instructions.

Rebuttals are due May 29, 2022 (8:59PM CEST, 11:59AM PST)

The most effective rebuttals address points referees want addressed, clearly and succinctly.

In addition, you have the possibility to submit confidential comments to the area chair (meta reviewer). Please do so only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. if there are grave misunderstandings on the part of a reviewer.

3) ECCV 2022 will follow the usual practice where ACs are strongly guided by reviews. It is most unusual for a paper with very firmly negative reviews to be accepted. While you are welcome to submit a rebuttal if you find yourself in this situation, you might consider withdrawing your paper rather than rebutting the reviews. This frees you to consider another conference for submitting an improved paper.

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