Joint General and Program chairs statement about the invasion of Ukraine

We stand united with the proud and democratic nation of Ukraine. Like most of the world, we regard Putin’s violent invasion of Ukraine as unjustifiable, and unworthy of a 21st Century civilization. Individually, we have contributed to humanitarian aid groups (e.g. UNICEF’s and the Red Cross’s Ukrainian crisis appeals), and call especially on government bodies to act decisively to protect Ukrainian lives and independence. To those affected personally by this war, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.

In terms of the ECCV timeline, we have decided to stay on track, with no extensions or adjustments. Unfortunately, members of our global computer vision community have suffered through a pandemic, several wars, and other tragedies in our 30 year history. In defiance to these obstacles and aggressors, we’ve sought to unflinchingly keep science moving forward.

Those of you in a position to do so, will drive on, through inventiveness, wonder, rigor, and joy, to create and share vision’s greatest discoveries.

Slava Ukraini!
– From the Chairs of ECCV 2022

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